Car Hire Mauritius

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The island of Mauritius is situated of the coast of the African continent in the Indian Ocean.  Mauritius is part of a formation of islands that were created through undersea volcanic eruptions though they are no longer active. The tropical climate is a big draw for tourists who come to bask on the beautiful beaches and take in the local culture of the friendly Mauritius natives. The area of Grand Bay provides a shoppers paradise for splashing out on your trip and contains many restaurants, bars and nightclubs to keep everyone entertained. The Labourdonnais Orchards are another beautiful Mauritius tourist spot to take in the exotic and colourful flowers native to the island.


The Airport on Mauritius was redeveloped in 2000 and now handles local and international flights. In order to fully take in the sights, shopping and beaches car hire is a wise choice. Mauritius Car Rental is a local car hire company with a variety of cars to choose from to suit your budget and needs. Other international car hire companies that operate on the island include Avis, Sixt and Easycar. Due to the hot climate and humidity it is advisable to select a car hire that has good air conditioning to make your travel time as comfortable as possible.  If you are in any doubt in where to hire a car you will find agents situated in towns and hotels that will be able to help you source the right car for you. When you do hire a car in Mauritius remember to drive on the left-hand side of the road.